Management Institute of Population and Development

(A unit of Parivar Seva Sanstha)

Core Activities  

The challenge is to carry out programmatic research in the area of population and development, to review the existing schemes and their working as well as augment these schemes through innovation and ensure their proper implementation. This requires availability of trained manpower, including those with specialized management skills. Unfortunately, despite many institutes producing thousands of management graduates annually, there is still a dearth of trained management graduates in the social sector.

The Distance Learning Cell of MIPD is conducting a Certificate and a diploma Course on Family Life Education, through open and distance learning mode, from the Academic Session 2010-2011. The Contact centers are located at our Regional Offices in Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkatta and Bhubaneshwar.

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The Institute will offer long term, full-time postgraduate programmes in the management of population and development issues in coming years.  These educational programmes aim at developing trained professional managers with requisite skills in planning and operating management techniques; diagnosing and solving management problems; and acquiring consultancy skills.  The focus is to prepare graduates to manage programmes in the population and development sectors.