Management Institute of Population and Development

(A unit of Parivar Seva Sanstha)

Faculty and Staff  

Ramesh Patnaik:   A retired defence medical officer, with 32 years of service, Dr.Patnaik is a Technical Consultant at MIPD.  He has extensive administrative experience managing 200-650 bedded army hospitals, with super specialty facilities.  He has good knowledge of managing patients in disaster situations.  He has been awarded the ‘Army Commander’s Commendation card’ while posted in J&K. Dr.Patnaik has been active in providing and arranging adequate medical care to civilians in Srilanka, Assam, Manipur and Punjab during counter insurgency operations.  He has organised seminar on ‘Geriatric Ailments’, and   ‘Common sports related injuries’ for doctors.  Currently he is engaged in developing various training programmes and interventions for the elderly and on alcoholism. 

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