Management Institute of Population and Development

(A unit of Parivar Seva Sanstha)

Outreach Activities  
Y. Purohit  

Yogeshwari Purohit of the Department of Home Science, University of Rajasthan has undertaken collaborative research on Anaemia among girls living in urban slum communities. Her study titled "A Comparative Study on the Impact of Supplementation of Leaf Concentrate vs Spirulina on Blood Profile of Anemic Adolescent Girls" looks at an alternate option to overcome malnutrition, by the provision of supplementary foods. Her study has the following objectives-

  • To assess the Nutritional status of adolescent girls (12-18 year olds)
  • To find out the prevalance of Anaemia among adolescent girls
  • To supplement the diets of the target group and study the impact on their blood profile

  • The study is under progress.